Getting Started on Fangible

Essential things you need before interacting with Fangible

  1. MetaMask Wallet (Download MetaMask in Chrome Web Store). MetaMask stores your BNB and processes transactions on the blockchain. A unique wallet address will be generated and you will use this address to complete transactions. All transactions connected to your wallet address can be found on and it's a good idea to check this after completing each transaction. You may ask why you need a wallet before buying and selling on Fangible? Fangible never takes possession of your assets or stores your NFTs. Instead, we provide a system for peer to peer exchanges. Since you will be using Fangible to interact directly with others on the blockchain, you will need a wallet to help you turn your actions in the browser into transactions on the blockchain.

  2. A small amount of BNB for BSC, and ETH for Ethereum. (You can purchase them through centralized exchanges, including Binance and Huobi, and withdraw tokens from an exchange to MetaMask; Or you can also ask your friend to transfer!)

  3. A Fangible Account.

Feel free to reference the full user guide on how to set up MetaMask for BSC and HECO, as well as depositing BNB and HT to MetaMask as Gas fee.

Let's get started:

Now let’s dive into Fangible

2. Edit your profile. Head to the top right profile icon, select [Account Setting].

3. Fill out your info and [Save].

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