What is Fangible?

TLDR; Fangible is a platform where you can create, buy, sell, and manage your NFTs. You need a wallet to store NFTs and interact with the platform and Fangible never takes possession of your assets.

Fangible is an experience-driven NFT platform that brings together creators and fans through storytelling. Digital artists can create and sell their tokenized artworks while Users can participate in buying, selling and showcasing exclusive NFTs from their favorite artists, athletes, and influencers. In the future, both creators and fans will be able to engage on a different level.

Focused on simplifying the journey for the artists, Fangible removes the entry barriers and limitations associated with high transaction fees on Ethereum-based NFT platforms. The marketplace enables artists to create their own brand pages where they can showcase and sell their artworks to the community.

How is Fangible different from other NFT platforms?

We're just cooler to be honest 😎

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