Creators v Fans

What is a Creator?

A person that brings unique content such as digital art, videos, audio or other forms of digital content onto the Fangible platform.

What is Fan?

An ardent admirer or enthusiast of Fangible Creator content.

I’m a creator. What can I do on Fangible?

As a creator, you can sell your work on Fangible so long as you qualify through our vetting process. You can apply here. A creator can purchase and sell digital content from our marketplace.

I’m a Fan. What can I do on Fangible?

On Fangible, you will find a variety of digital items. You can buy digital artwork or memorabilia from up-and-coming influencers, bid on exclusive pieces by world leading athletes, entertainers or artists, and show off your collection to thousands of users on the platform.

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