How to create NFTs on Fangible (ERC1155 & ERC721)

Create Brand & NFT.

  1. 1.
    Click [Create] and choose to [Build your brand] or skip brand establishment to [Generate your NFT] directly.
2. Take [Build your brand] as an example. Build up your own NFT brand by filling out all the info. Click [Save] and confirm in MetaMask.
ERC721 and ERC1155
They are two different NFT standards. To put it simple, if you want to create only one exclusive NFT for each graphic or music clip, please select ERC721; If you want to make a certain amount of copies of each NFT, please select ERC1155.
  1. 1.
    Click the profile picture, [My Brands], and you will see the brand you just created.
2. Enter the brand and click [Add] to mint your NFT.
3. Fill the info about your NFT, upload the content, and click [Submit]. Confirm in your MetaMask.
4. Now you can see the newly-added NFT shown in your brand.

Put NFT on Sale

  1. 1.
    Click [Sell].
2. There are two types of sale, [instant sale] and [English auction].
[Instant sale]
You just need to set a fixed price for the NFT and the amount of the NFT you are selling. Then click [list].
[English Auction]
Minimum bid
The price bidding starts at. It'll be publicly visible. You can manually accept bids above this value but below your reserve price if you want.
Direct purchase price
A direct transaction price can be set, that is, users can skip the bidding process and buy directly at this price. The direct transaction price must be greater than the Minimum bid and Reserve price.
Reserve price
Setting a reserve price creates a hidden limit,If you receive no bids equal to or greater than your reserve, your auction will not be sold.
Minimum bid ≤ Reserve price ≤ Direct purchase price
3. Select [Auction time] and click [List]. Confirm in MetaMask.
Then you will see your NFT successfully listed.